Do I Really Want to Have a 9-5 Job??



  1. Physical Therapist: I am currently a Kinesiology, Exercise Science major with hopes of becoming a physical therapist in the future. I am totally in love with the idea of becoming a physical therapist and being able to help people better their lives. This profession hits very close to home because I, myself, have spent countless hours in an athletic training/physically therapy atmosphere both as a patient and a helper. However, in order to achieve this dream i would need extensive schooling and not only need to finish but to be one of the best in my class. Here at CSULB Kinesiology is one of the most impacted and competitive majors offered. In order to really excel in my field i would need to maintain at least a 3.8 gpa, while also participating in various internships. Once I graduate from CSULB i would either have to attend physical therapy school (usually a 2-3 year program) or graduate school (up to 4 years), either route would place me in good standings to start applying for jobs. As of right now i have two internships lined up for this summer, however, with the current curriculum i am required to take my gpa has been struggling could definitely use a pick-me-up. So, on a scale of 1-10, my current “confidence” would be at a 5, “resources” a strong 7, “impact” a 7 as well and if i ultimately do achieve my goal my “satisfaction would be a 10/10.
  2. Personal Trainer/Coach: Becoming a personal trainer would be a very satisfying fall-back to becoming a physical therapist. In reality i could become a personal trainer right now if i wanted. To become a personal trainer all you need to take a couple online courses and obtain few certificates and you can basically train anyone anywhere. After getting such certifications, i could very easily apply for jobs at any gym or do my own personal training ads. I actually looked up “personal trainer jobs” here in Long Beach and numerous ads came up. With being a personal  trainer it would be wise to obtain a degree in fitness or even nutrition, you could of course get a job without it but it would be much easier if  you could show proof that you know what you’re talking about. Confidence-8, resources-7.5, impact- 8, satisfaction-9
  3. Tattoo Artist/Artist: If i didn’t have to worry about actually making money and providing for myself, i would 100% want to be some kind of artist, preferably a tattoo artist. I really love drawing and painting and am actually pretty good. Sure  i would still need to go to school and refine the skills i currently have but i think it would be such a fun and enjoyable job. I get so much happiness from just doodling in my spare time i can’t imagine how happy i would be if i actually got paid for my creations. I don’t have any real connections for getting a job in the art industry but one of my high school art teachers has reached out to me before about selling or just putting on display a couple of my old pieces that i had made in his class. Im confident in my work but at the same time i am very hesitant to show people what i am capable of doing, in the back of my mind i have doubt because there is always going to be someone who i better than me and in the art industry that could be the difference between getting your art in a gallery or even getting a paycheck. Being a tattoo artist would be amazing but i would honestly just be scared to mess up on someone but at that point my confidence better be threw the roof. Confidence-8.5, resources-6, impact-8, satisfaction-10



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