This week i had the opportunity to talk with Vina Trac! Vina is originally from San Jose and says that life here and there is much different. When asked which one she liked better she said  its hard to choose because their like too completely different spectrums of California. Vina is a second year biology major with hopes of becoming a Pharmacist. We were discussing the dreaded season of finals and it turns out we have been taking really similar classes, more specifically chemistry. We agreed it is one monster of a class and how finals will be the end of us hahaha. In Vina’s free time she likes to hangout with friends and is always in search of some good music. Vina actually was fortunate enough to attend Coachella this year! She explained that though it was hot and in the middle of a sand bowl, it the most fun she had had in a while and just the perfect break before studying consumed her life. Turns out Vina and i actually have a few mutual friends, I was going to study with a few people for chemistry after art class and Vina was there as well!

It was so great talking and hanging out with Vina this week. Go check out her cool blog @: vinatrac.wordpress.com



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