I expected this experience to be difficult since our generation has grown up with such privileged items. We are given cars, cell phones, computers, and a variety of technology that have been developed. Electricity is one of those things we take for granted, and don’t realize how hard it would be if this was taken away from us. I thought of this experience as a struggle and difficult performing everyday daily tasks. Once it began to get dark outside, I had to begin to do the tasks I could not usually do without any source of electricity. The main things included taking a shower and finishing my homework. I had to make sure to finish these tasks before the night falls since I wont be able to complete these tasks well in the dark.

When the night finally fell, I had to find activities to fill in my time. I was not able to just go on my laptop and Netflix in bed like I usually do in my free time. Instead I went out for a night run around my neighborhood. I took a friend with me to help me occupy my time. I was very limited to the amount of the things I could do and could not do without any source of electricity. I found it very difficult to just last a few hours without any kind of electricity. Since I did not have much to do, I was able to go to bed a lot earlier than I usually would and actually get a full eight hours of sleep for that night.


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