WK 11 CLASSMATE CONVO-ft. Priscilla Mota and Esmeralda Mendez

This week i had the opportunity to talk with Priscilla and Esmeralda. We first met up outside the art galleries and then decided to go and explore them together. After talking to an artist we decided to go back into one of the quite exhibits and talk while we were doing our i.d. cards.

Esmeralda is a fourth year, sociology major with a minor in child development, that will be graduating this semester. Esmeralda wanted to be a teacher when she first started here but has decided to go a different route, though the path may be a little unknown right now I’m sure she will find what she ultimately want to pursue as a career. Esmeralda currently works at LA fitness and has even ran and finished the LA marathon, despite a sprained ankle and a bad knee!

Priscilla is a third year, nursing major (yikes) with aspirations to become a oncology nurse with kids. Priscilla wants to work with child cancer patients because she her self was once  a patient. Four years ago Priscilla was diagnosed with leukemia and a year and a half ago she was finally diagnosed cancer free! Priscilla is truly an inspiration in my eyes, she is using the experience she has unfortunately gotten and using it to help others!

It was so nice talking to theses girls and to see more of their journey be sure to check out their blogs @:





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