Wk 10 ARTIST CONVO- ft. Brittany Waters


Artist: Brittany Waters

Exhibition: #MoreThanASandbox

Media: clay, sand

Gallery: Dutzi


Brittany Waters is a senior ceramics major, here at CSULB, that is using her art to make our community aware of a very serious issue. Waters is originally from Sacramento and spent much of her childhood amongst the trees, exploring the forest. This tie to nature has always had a great impact on Waters’ art but after moving to Long Beach she decided she wanted to use her art to make a difference and thats what began #MoreThanASandbox.


Waters’ exhibition is a beach scene of 118 green sea turtle babies on they’re journey to the water but are hindered by the trash from the people on the beach. When you first walk into the exhibit pictures of the process to make the sea turtle are on display, each sea turtle took about 3 hours to make! I wasn’t sure what to expect when i first stepped into the exhibition, maybe a few little sea turtles and a little bit of sand but as i rounded the corner to the actual piece i was shocked. There was an entire beach scene, with sea turtle that looked so life-like i had to look twice to make sure, some looked as if they had just escaped the shell while others were already on their way to the ocean. But something stood in their way, us.


As we were talking with Brittany she revealed that he love for the sea and the sea turtles started long before she decided to become an artist. Brittany said her inspiration came from her first family vacation to Hawaii, seeing white sand and the turtles thriving their and then later moving to Long Beach and seeing the liter and pollution hindering the sea turtles from living comfortably here really moved her.


I was really impressed with this specific exhibition, I’m always amazed by the work artist can do but this one stuck out to me. This exhibition really did take a lot of time and dedication to complete, and i think Brittany’s love for the ocean and belief in her cause really make her completely dedicated to this project. I really like how she is using her art to spread awareness of this problem, it’s good for people to see just how much we can negatively and positively affect our environment.



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