WK 9 ARTIST CONVO- ft. David DeSantis


Artist: David DeSantis

Exhibition: Day Dreamer

Media: ink on paper, grit, print work

Gallery: Gatov East

Social Media: Instagram- @


David DeSantis is a BFA student here at California State University Long Beach with a focus in print making. David didn’t always see himself producing “fine art,” instead he aspired to designing custom motorcycles for Jessi James or even snowboards for Burton. Ultimately decided that fine art would be a better suit for him because he wanted to produce pieces of art in the way or style that he wanted rather than trying to fit a mold for someone else.


David’s exhibition was a series of print works with an abstract twist. A few of the pieces have specific shapes that are the center of the work (the mouth of the wolf, for example), followed by a type of abstract border. It starts structured, but as you travel towards the outsides of the piece it becomes more abstract, David described it as “obscure yet still recognizable.” David’s art work was so detailed within itself that it being on plain parchment produced a perfect balance, so the viewer could really focus on the piece rather than how it was being presented.


As we were talking to David he revealed that much of his art is inspired by the music he listens to mixed with objects that he likes. For example, the wolf piece was inspired by a song called ‘The Hand That Feeds’ by Nine Inch Nails. David takes a lot of his inspiration from dubstep or hard rock and then decides which figure he would want to base it around.


While walking through the art galleries this week I took a different approach than usual when it came to talking to the artist. Instead of looking at the art first and asking questions about specific pieces, I talked to the artist first and got to hear a kind of back story to the art. I thought David’s story was really interesting and peaked in to see his exhibit and it really held my attention. I really like abstract art this open to interpretation, it makes viewing it and writing about it very interesting, every person has a different interpretation of the piece and all of them are correct.



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