TAGGING IN MY CAR PORT…and not getting caught


I was really looking forward to this weeks art activity and being able to visit Venice once again, but i didn’t have time to go to Venice this weekend so i had to spray paint in my car port.

This was quiet an experience, I tried doing it at a time where no one would really be around so it didn’t look like was actually tagging the walls of my car port in my apartment complex but of course a lot people had to go on a walk right when i started painting lol.

I drew out a couple designs ahead of time and thought they were simple enough to spray paint, but once i actually started it was much harder than it appeared. I don’t exactly know why i chose the specific words i did but i think it was mostly because i liked the shape of the the letters together.

After doing this art activity i have so much respect for people who excel at this form of painting because this was not an easy task at all. My finger started hurting from holding down the paint nozzle, i was getting frustrated at the paint being darker in certain spots because i was holding the can too close and i kept thinking someone was going to call complex security because i looked so sketchy hahah. Overall it was a cool experience and i definitely would love to go the Venice and spray paint on the art walls there!


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