WK. 8 CLASSMATE CONVO- ft. Erin Flores

This week i had the opportunity to talk with Erin Flores. Erin is a second year, bio-chemistry major that, after much consideration, has decided to change her major to Environmental Science and Policy. Erin explained to me that she came into college really wanting to make a difference in the way we live and how its negatively effecting our environment. She said that with a degree in bio-chem she could chemically change how our earth was reacting to our pollution but what if she went through all this work to develop something and be able to implement it. That’s why Erin said she wanted to change her major to Environmental Science and Policy; this way she would still be able to do research and develop new techniques but also be able to enforce it. I think thats awesome, saving our planet should definitely be at the top of our list but when people who have “authority” are doing nothing to help or are even denying that global warm and a whole in the ozone layer is an actual problem it makes saving our planet much harder.

Erin is originally from the San Fransisco are but has lived in Long Beach since middle school. In high school she played volleyball competitively and was even planning on continuing to play in college but after an unfortunate series of events tore her ACL and was unable to continue playing. Erin and i both have experienced tearing our ACL, though mine was because of soccer, we both agree that it was very disappointing to not be able to continue in college but that it was an experience that shaped us into the people we are today and positively effected our lives in ways we never thought, i mean now we go to the awesome Cal State Long Beach!!

Be sure to check out Erin’s blog!! @ erinfloresblog.wordpress.comIMG_3044


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