WK.7 CLASSMATE CONVO-ft. Jennifer Vega

While walking through the galleries this week i lingered in the “Stop and Stare” with a friend and we began to chat with another group and did a kind of “group” classmate conversation. Two of us had already met before so we kinda broke off into different pairs and continued our talks.

This week i had the opportunity to meet Jennifer Vega. Jennifer is a second year health science major, but after much consideration has decided to change her major the speech language mythology. Jennifer explained that health science was a really cool major but after taking a phonetics class decided that speech mythology ¬†interested her much more and began to develop a love for the study. When she’s not studying Jennifer enjoys going to theme parks, a thrill and crave for excitement we both share.

I like doing a kind of group classmate conversation, it was nice getting to know more people in the class in a group setting, it takes some of the pressure of and makes leading into a one-on-one conversation much easier hahaha.

Anyways be sure to go and check out Jennifer’s blog: @


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