WK. 7 ARTIST CONVO-ft. Elena Roznozan


Artist: Elena Roznozan

Exhibition: Stope and Stare

Media: video installation

Gallery: Gatov East

Social Media: Instagram- @eroznozan


Elena Roznozan is a second year MFA student, who will be graduating next year. Elena is originally from a Romania, but moved here eleven years ago with her family. Though Elena will be graduating next year she is not sure what she wants to do afterwards, she definitely wants to travel more and shot different video installations in new landscapes.


Elena’s exhibition was a time lapse video of the sunrise in a desert landscape with a few different colored polarized transition screens over laying sections of the video projection. Usually these polarized screens are used as a type of filter to eliminate glare but Elena repurposed them and used them to give the video a type of 3-dimensional aspect and create a change of color. Elena explained she chose the desert because it’s sparse and easier to change than a forest or city landscape. Deserts also have a sense of realism that she wanted to capture in the video, she wanted to see how her art was building on an empty space.


Elena’s work “investigates concepts of phenomenology,” which is time and the way images are constructed within that time. The exhibition Elena created was a video installation that challenged the viewers patience and provoked a kind of meditation. Elena explained that she made the time lapse a certain length before it transitioned into the completed sunrise to test the viewers patience, she wanted to see if people would sit and enjoy the scenery or get annoyed and move on to a different piece. The video installation was present in a manner that re-consstructed an environment that challenged the “validity” of related experiences, it provoked a reaction to things in everyday life. For example the light bulb in the middle of the photo was illuminated in the darker parts of the sunrise and went out once the sun was completely risen.


When i first entered Elena’s exhibit I was the only one there, i sat down in the installation with my headphones still in (i was listening to Easily by Bruno Major) and was just observing the landscape in front of me. I felt a wave of relief wash over me and was completely relaxed, forgetting about my stressful week and sat there as the sunrise progressed. It was such a nice break and after people began to come in and make noise i was really intrigued as to what made her want to make a video of that length. It was literally the perfect length of a song and progressed beautifully along with it. That exhibition was a little piece of heaven in such a busy, fast pace school, i really appreciated the little break i had observing the art someone had created for us all to enjoy.



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