Making the art care package this week was a really interesting experience. At first i wasn’t completely sure who i wanted to send it to, maybe my best friend from high school i haven’t seen in a while or a cousin who lives in New York but i finally decided on my little sister, Adrianna. Adri is 17 and a senior in high school right now and unfortunately i haven’t been able to go home since before Winter break because of work and school, so i haven’t been able to see her in awhile. We still talk a lot but haven’t been able to do have our regular adventures since i moved out of my parents house last year.

While making this box i didn’t really have to think about what i was going to put into it. Adri and i love taking goofy pictures so i printed out a whole bunch and made a type of collage to line the top of the box and put the extra ones in side as well. Along with the pictures of us i included pictures of our oldest sister and my niece and nephew and a picture of our grandparents. I included the pictures of my oldest sister and niece and nephew because they  moved to Texas about 2 years ago so we don’t get to see them and miss them all the time. The picture of my grandparents is really special because Adri and i were very close with my grandparents who both passed away awhile ago. They may not be with us but i know the memory of them will really touch her.

About a year ago i took a trip to Europe for a month and told may sister i was going to mail her a postcard every week, but i couldn’t figure out the mailing rates so just brought them back with me. I haven’t had a chance to give them to her and honestly forgot i had them until i was looking through the pictures i had and stumbled across them. I know she’ll be excited when she finally gets the postcards from all over Europe.

I added few other things like a little post-it pad with inspirational quotes, because i know she is stressing about choosing a college to attend in the Fall. Along with a fake sunflower (her favorite) and a set of watercolor paints, we used to paint together all the time when we were bored during the summer. I also included a drawing of a lotus flower i drew in high school, it was hanging on  my wall when i lived at home and Adri always wanted it so i guess now is the time i pass it on.

Actually sending this box was kind of difficult, not in a sense of going to the post office and mailing it, but actually letting go of so many memories and realizing how much i actually missed my sister. I didn’t tell her i was sending it so i know how she is going to be quite surprised. I really enjoyed putting this box together. It was really nostalgic going through old pictures and writing a note to my sister rater than sending her a snapchat or a text. It felt much more sentimental and i felt proud that i had put something together for her. This box was definitely prepared with love.



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