Since we had the majority of our class in the art galleries this week, our classmate conversations were a little different. Instead of everyone getting up to converse at the same time, it was a little more laid-back and we were able to just talk with people we saw as we were exploring the art galleries.

This week i was able to talk with Misty! I approached Misty asking if she had done a classmate conversation yet and although she had done one earlier, she agreed to do another one with me and we ended up having a great conversation. Misty is a third- year student here at CSULB planning on majoring in Kinesiology to further pursue a career in the medical field. We talked a lot about us both being kinesiology majors and how Anatomy and Chemistry were kicking our butts this semester, but in the midst of the shared pain we began to talk a lot about museums. Turns out we both have been fortunate enough to have traveled to Paris and experience the grand Louvre first hand. We both agreed how it was truly an experience we will never forget. Traveling and exploring new places is an amazing opportunity I think anyone who ever has the chance to experience should definitely take. Misty is really passionate about traveling to other places in Europe as well, with Spain definitely being at the top of her list!

Go check out Misty’s cool blog:



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