Artist: La Rosa


Media: Acrylic, Spray Paint and Candle Wax on Canvas; Photography

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery


Instagram: @LaRosa.Artist



La Rosa is a third-year, undergraduate student pursuing his BA in studio art for drawing and painting. Until recently La Rosa was actually a fashion merchandising major but after much consideration decided that he wasn’t doing something that made him feel happy or accomplished so he changed his major. La Rosa has been painting and drawing his whole life and has just begun to delve into the world of photography. He explained to us that he liked to keep his art “faceless,” he would much rather stand back and see how other people react to his art versus talking about it himself. That being the main reason he wasn’t present when our class went to see his exhibit.


The art that La Rosa had chosen to be put on display was mostly acrylic and spray paint on canvas, but one used candle wax, giving the piece a different texture and dimension. A lot of the pieces on flat canvas were accompanied by a bold, 3 dimensional frame and very vibrant colors. These pieces all had a very unique twist, while most artist use the frame as a constraint on the painting, keeping it within the boundaries, La Rosa continued the paintings onto the frame and, in a sense, connected all his pieces within the gallery.


La Rosa’s main goal of this exhibit was to provoke an emotion in the viewer. Whether that emotion be love or wonderment or even sadness, depended completely on what we as the viewer were feeling at the time. La Rosa’s art was “inspired by the nature of human emotion” and this was definitely portrayed throughout the pieces on display. One piece in particular was blatantly expressing this; “Fall With Me” is a painting of a ‘love potion’ that has ‘drink, fall in love, repeat as necessary’ written on it, but the bottle it self was shattered open. The painting was messy, resembling a shattered bottle of wine, but the words were written so clear and simplistic. It provokes an emotion of not only love but sadness in a sense that it expresses the struggle that is love.


La Rosa really caught my attention because each painting told a different story and provoked a different emotion. My favorite piece was “Waldeinsamkeit,” I’m not sure what that means and unfortunately didn’t get a chance to ask La Rosa himself, but it provoked a series of questions within me. At first glance you see a landscape painting, mountains in the distance and beautiful flowers closer, but when looking closer a hole is burned into the center of the painting. I really like the “grunge” aesthetic this piece emits, it reminds me of the perfect imperfections in life. You’re life may not be perfect but the things that make it so grand or exciting are those imperfections. Life wouldn’t be very exciting if everything went perfect all the time.



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