WK.2 CLASSMATE CONVO-ft. Bernadette and Cattleya

This week I was a little late to get up and find someone to talk to so i had to join a pair already talking which could be a little awkward but Bernadette and Cat were more than welcoming!

Even though our chat was short lived we got into a very serious discussion about Grey’s Anatomy. We discussed our favorite characters and the never ending tears shed while watching. Turns out we are all interested in the real medical world, both Bernadette and Cat are nursing majors and Grey’s is definitely an inspiration.

While talking about Grey’s we got on the topic of actually anatomy, more specifically the insanely hard Bio 208 Human Anatomy class we are all currently taking. Its nice meeting people in the same situation as you, we all bonded over our common struggle that is anatomy. We all agree that anatomy is an insanely time consuming class and how its basically two classes with lab and lecture being on two completely separate pages at all times! Yikes!

It was so nice talking to Cat and Bernadette, so check out their blogs to hear all about the continuing struggle of being a science major hahaha

Bernadette: bernadetteavillen.wordpress.coom

Cat: catttreyes.wordpress.comimg_3972


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