I got the idea to have my “death” portrayed at the stairs of the library because with amount of time i spend there on a weekly basis it will probably be the place i do die, plus i think i trip or slip on the steps at least twice a day.

This art project was really interesting and made me think about how i may actually pass from this earth. I thought it was going to be easy to pick a place and get creative with the scene i was going to portray but i found it increasingly difficult to pin point one specific place. At first i was going to just do something at home or in the pool of our apartment complex but i thought about it and realized i wasn’t thinking in a realistic manner. Of all the places i go on a daily basis the library is where i have literally felt the closest to death. I can’t count how many all nighters i’ve pulled at the library during finals that left me feeling like a zombie or how frustrated i’ve gotten redoing the same chemistry problem over and over again, to the point where i just want to jump out the window. I’ve tripped going down the slick stairs after students had been walking up and down during a rainy day and had my life flash in front of my eyes.

I thought that picking a place to take the picture was hard but actually taking the picture was even harder. People kept walking by and me laying across the steps did look a little strange. To add on to it i kept on laughing so my friend took at least 20 photos before i finally composed myself. She was getting so annoyed, there was about to be an actual death at the library if i hadn’t finally got serious hahaha.

All in all i really enjoyed this project, it’s such an interesting twist on the regular photo shoot!


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