This first week of Art 110 i had the privilege to re-introduce myself to Cindy Do. We actually had a chemistry lab together last semester but never really got a chance to get to know one another. It turns out we have a lot in common; for one thing, we both know the struggle of being a science major all too well. While I am a Kinesiology major and Cindy is a Biology major, with great aspirations of becoming a dentist, we both have had to endure chemistry since we’ve started our college journeys. While talking we discovered that we had actually endured more than just one chemistry class together. Speaking of “struggling,” we both are also full-time students and employees. However, in Cindy’s case, she has the better end of the deal working at Ulta! Talking about working and going to school at the same time lead us to the topic of traveling, mainly just getting away from all the craziness and enjoying the world hahaha. Traveling hasn’t been something Cindy has been able to do yet, but definitely plans to do so in the future! We then began to talk about why we had decided to take this class and actually ended up having a great conversation on what we thought art was and how it can leave an everlasting, influential mark on so many people.  Art is something that can greatly move and effect people in many ways and is forever changing and able to inspire the way we see the world!

Be sure to checkout Cindy’s blog !!img_2629


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