This plaster casting project was so cool and my mold came out a lot better than i was expecting (even though the pinkie looks a little weird)! It looks terrifyingly close to an actual fossilized human hand!

When i went to go do this activity i thought i was going to look super weird at the beach pouring plaster into a hole, but it turned into a really nice, relaxing day that was much needed.

I started by digging a hole and then placing my hand in it and had a friend pour the wet sand over my hand in order to make the mold. Honestly, making the mold was the hardest part, i kept accidentally breaking the walls of the tunnel like structure i had made with my hand! But i finally was able to make it work. Then i just mixed the plaster with some freezing cold see water and poured it in the hole and left it to set. I had some extra plaster left over so we tried making another structure but we underestimated how fast the plaster would set so i ended up with a solid layer of plaster stuck to the bottom of my bucket lol.

While waiting for my plaster mold to completely set i was able to just relax and hangout and really appreciate the beach. I hadn’t been in awhile, I’m always working or at school and haven’t had any free time to just enjoy doing nothing. It was definitely a day much needed. I like how my art homework  was to spend a day at the beach!

Taking the plaster mold out of the hole was a completely different experience. I was so scared i was going to break it and then i just started digging and didn’t realized how big it had ended up being. It was really fun though, I felt like an archaeologist discovering a rare fossil. Once I finally got it out i was pleasantly surprised with the results, it actually looked really cool!

10/10, would recommend doing on a day you want to have some fun at the beach and make a terrifying replica of your hand 🙂 hahaha


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